How Hip Hop & Bboying Made My Business Succeed

June 03, 2018 4 min read

Yes, I owe it to hip hop and the first element of hip hop known as breaking.



“Hip Hop Saved My Life”


Its true, looking back I have zero doubts that if I didn’t become a bboy I would not be where I am today. Not even close.



You see, not only did it give me something to do, it was a passion and a challenge. I can tell you that challenge aspect only becomes more challenging as the desire to master more difficult and complex movements/combinations grows.


So how does this all tie in with business life?

I think its pretty clear but I’ll elaborate of course.

Bboying taught me several concepts over time.



1. Foundation


The epitome of every bboy rests on foundation. Without foundation it would not be bboying in the first place. It would just be movement. Sure you may see some incredible moves but a viewer must remember that its a dance. Not only do you learn moves, you learn to dance and then incorporate those moves to compliment your dance and capitalize on certain parts of the music!



For business, its essential to have that foundation to your business model and company. There are some things that just cannot be broken in your business. Make sure to have that solid foundation and then in areas where you can be flexible and disruptive… Do It!!!



2. Creativity


So in order for a bboy to stand out from the rest (if we all only did foundation we would all look the exact same) we need to be creative.


This concept not only holds true to the dance itself, but even fashion makes a large impact! Yeah believe it or not we have our trends too. All it takes is one bboy to rock something new and fresh and then everyone wants it.

For business a store that is only foundation is boring. Theres nothing new or disruptive about it. Hence the need to find ways to cut through the market to be loud and seen!


Whatever business industry you’re in you will need to not just “compete” but rather DOMINATE. Make it happen and the money will come. Get creative like you were as a kid.



3. Power Moves, Blow Ups, and Signatures


The fancy moves that you see. In order to capitalize (pun intended) on the music we need to bust out our moves. Heck, we might even have some signature moves or combinations that are unique to a individual bboy/bgirl.


For business, guess what? Sometimes you gotta “capitalize” on trends, or make some large disruptive “moves” to win. Funny that all reputable companies have signature slogans, products or services that are unique to them only! So power your way through the market and once you do… establish your dominance with a signature.



4. Listen


I already mentioned that its a dance and as such we have to listen to the music. If we just went through the movement it wouldn’t be a dance and we wouldnt get any respect from our fellow peers.


Speaking of which, in business no one gets anywhere by simply just going through the movements! Sometimes you need to shut up and listen to your consumers of your product/service.


Chances are they may have useful information that would improve your business. You may get some emails in your inbox asking for reviews or to take a survey. Why? Cause they want data to use for the future to make improvements.



5. Reset

Too many times ive seen bboys injury themselves and NOT take the appropriate time to rest. Then they reinjure themselves. I dont wish injury on anyone but thats their own damn fault for sure!

In business it’s okay to take a step back to reset for a moment. Heck, as bboys we operate at high intensity intervals where we go all out but eventually we need to rest and reset.


We can reset our minds and body so that we can attend to our business at the level it deserves and needs to be at. Even I have got burnt out before and take long breaks away from business when I need to.


Then when I’m on whatever excursion in the world there comes a point where my mind says its time to go back and kick ass. I return, and ass is kicked at a high level.

If there is ever a time I feel lost or unsure of what to do. I turn to the floor where I get up to get down and groove.


It’s always been there for me since day one and ill continue to dance for ages to come. I remember where I came from and thats from the floor up.


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