We're located in... Surprise! IOWA of all places! Right in the heart of the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Corridor in North Liberty. However this is more for our dance side of the business. 

Most of our products are made and shipped here in the United States. Some products like our supplements are stocked and some apparel is printed on demand. Some of our more unique apparel is sourced from China 

Note that some of your products may be shipped separately and at different times. The main reasoning behind this is because we use various distribution channels on a global scale.

Most of our products have different sizing. Please see the size chart on each product page. If for some reason there is not one, please reach out to and we will get your sizing question answered.

This varies widely based on the products you ordered.

Our supplement line usually gets processed within one business day and shipped to your doorstep within 5-7 business days. 

Our apparel lines usually take longer as some are print on demand and some take longer to ship depending on where you are located. Generally speaking you should receive your order within 14 days.

Yup we want to make sure things fit you. If you need to return unused apparel or unused supplements please reach out to and we will get you taken care of!