About All The Way Up

All The Way Up is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand. Currently under it's wings includes a Hip Hop Dance Studio, Design and Marketing Services, Digital Programs Business Education, Apparel, and Supplements for fitness/well being.

The founder's goal is to arm you with the right tools, knowledge, and community to go up with. Sometimes all it takes is being around the right people and opening your eyes and ears to what is possible. The internet is truly the greatest equalizer ever and we can all make choices to better not only our own lives but the live's of others. 

Unfortunately where the founder has come from too often there is the wrong mentality in place. That can include people bringing you down, discouraging dreams, or flat out refusing to believe what is actually possible. 

If only people could translate their passion for the dance and fitness to their financial life! Which is exactly what the founder did to go all the way up. All he did was take the same fire and consistently put in work like his passion and eventually it too also became a passion. 

And get this... College isn't the only way. Not discouraging people from college necessarily as there are fields (like science and medical practices) that make sense but you're limiting yourself to building someone else's dreams, you're limited to how much income you can make, and you're restricted to someone else's time and demands. 

At All The Way Up, the founder encourages you to pursue your dreams. How can you best version of yourself if you aren't free? You won't have to ask yourself "what if?" anymore and you'll be able to get back to what matters to you and give back to the world after the 1st stage of entrepreneurship. 

So what exactly are the stages of entrepreneurship?

There are three distinct stages.

1. The Make Money Stage

Exciting stage! This is the time where you are in the process of freeing yourself and earning more than your job was making you. There is a lot of trial and error in this stage but you must think of it as an investment in yourself and your business. Your mind at this stage is likely wrapped around just making more money and putting more money back into the business. If you're anything like the founder, the founder, he bootstrapped everything from the start but also understood because of that he had to put in more work. Eventually your work and time will pay off and you'll begin to automate your processes with technology or hire out to "free" yourself so that you can focus on what is making you the most money. 

Most people stay in this stage for a while. Generally up to a few million USD all the way up to before hitting 8 figures. It's often at this stage where people's true personalities come out. Money doesn't change people, it only brings out who they truly are.

Many like to get their wanderlust on by traveling the world including the founder at this stage.

2. The Lets Create More Stage

Most entrepreneurs like to create. That might mean creating more businesses for more money which can actually be a downfall. The founder has also been here at this stage where he tried doing too much at once and then it negatively impacts other areas of his life as well as his businesses. 

If you're fortunate and have a great ability to manage your own time and have multiple systems in place you may be able to thrive in this stage. However for many this stage tends to see a dip. But like all things it's a learning experience. 

The founder is currently transitioning out of this stage

3. Have It All Stage

At this stage the individual is operating at an extremely high level and capacity each and every day. They've managed to thrive in all areas of their life those being personal, financial (8-9-10 figures), and fitness. On top of that their businesses are contributing to the world and making an impact. Not just selling random items or services that don't solve big world issues and if they don't... then generally they have a philanthropy project and actively contribute to society.

The founder is actively making steps to reach this stage.