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Shopify Image Size Guide

MAGE TYPE WIDTH (PX) HEIGHT (PX) FILE TYPE UPLOAD THIS IN: Favicon 32 32 PNG General settings > Favicon Logo – Main Menu 400 100 JPG or PNG24 Sections > Header Logo – Mobile 150 50 JPG or PNG24 Sections > Header Logo – Footer 250 200 JPG or PNG24 Sections > Footer Home Page Slideshow Banners 1800 850 JPG Sections > Slideshow Home Page Banners 1800 1000 JPG Sections > Image with text overlay Image gallery 800 800 JPG Sections > Gallery (size recommendation is for Classic style only) Product Images 1024 1024 JPG Online Store > Products > Products Collection page top banner 1024 1024 JPG In the Theme Editor, navigate to a collections page then Sections > Collection > Banner Image; to use the SAME banner image on ALL collection pages, upload an image banner here; for different images per collection, enable “show featured collection image” and then upload those pix in Online Store > Products > Collections Video placeholder image 1600 900 JPG Sections > Featured video Blog page top banner 1800 800 JPG

Navigate to the main Blog page then Section ...

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[Case Study] The 1 Weird Software Trick That Allows Ordinary People to Reverse Engineer and Recreate Extraordinary Online Business Websites

Read Mike’s Story:

Mike Stanzyk was just your average middle class American working a 9 to 5 and struggling to make ends meet with his day job. He’d never believed all the hype about making money online because it all seemed like a pipe dream to him.

All of this changed when Mike stumbled onto a hidden sales funnel software in a marketing group that allowed him, a person with no programming skills, to begin re-building and reverse engineering million dollar businesses online in just a few hours each evening.



“I couldn’t believe it.” Says Mike. “I stumbled upon this software which allows you to ethically take an extremely profitable business’ website and re-build the sales process yourself. I just figured out that if I could find some competitors in an industry with a great website, I could re-build it and start having their customers buy from me instead.”

There is a live web class explaining exactly what Mike is doing

and people have flooded in filling up the seats.

If you’ve ever looked at starting a business online and making money from just a laptop and an internet connection, now may be the t ...

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Affiliate Marketing – Everything You Need To Know About Both Sides

There are two sides of Affiliate Marketing


The first side of affiliate marketing is when YOU are the affiliate. This means you are going out and promoting somebody else’s product. That product can be digital, physical, or even a service.


The second side of affiliate marketing is when you’re getting others to promote YOUR products for you. Think of it as having your own sales team that works purely on commission only. If you know my story you know that I drove traffic to my ecom stores with affiliates.


But to be super CLEAR.


Affiliate Marketing is a system whereby the affiliate marketer receives commission for referring someone through a unique url link to the website owned by the advertiser, the affiliate marketer promotes specific products or services or even multiple brands on his or her social media platforms, websites or blogs in order to receive some percentage of referring the customer.

Affiliate marketing is extremely popular among bloggers and vloggers to make money. (sounds like that might be what I’m doing right now…) It is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme (unless you ...

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Why You Should Scale Your E-commerce Business

Isn’t the goal of a business to get more money and do it faster? I don’t know about you all but that was my goal the first month.

Besides the obvious fact that you will obtain more income, there are some other reasons why you should. After all, a business that plateaus is not ideal (at least not for me!)

History has shown that businesses that plateau for long periods of time go downhill from there and here’s a little secret for you…You don’t want to be on that downhill side and you know as they say, history likes to repeat itself. Don’t be like history guys and gals!

One of the main reasons you should scale your business is so you can do what you do best. Whether that is traffic generation and sales, or finding new products, or maybe even in some rare cases, customer support. But in order to scale you’re going to need a team behind you.

I highly suggest hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) if not multiple VAs. They take the workload off your shoulders which allows you to focus on growth which is a GOOD thing. If you’re looking to sell your business for a lump sum in the future, consistent growth provides a st ...

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Can you operate your e-commerce business from your phone anywhere in the world?

In short, I’m going to say YES cause I have done it plenty of times.

But my long answer is a different story. *Whispers in your ear* “nothing ever goes as planned” I don’t know about you but I am personally a clumsy guy. I am that guy that probably needs a bib when I eat, walks into a wall, drops everything (no pun intended har har) and manages to trip over a leaf.

So how is this relevant? Well I am always testing things, and often that means testing things to the point of breaking (also pun intended if you know my hobby). Since I’m so into testing, naturally my E-commerce businesses tend to have issues with so many apps and software being used with it.

So… When I am traveling halfway across the country or the world I sometimes find it difficult to do some of the things I find necessary on my phone despite the automations and systems I have in place. Yes, I have a work around, but it’s not fun to use even if you’re proficient at it.

But hey, this is all without assuming you have either good wifi or a good sim card for wherever in the world you are. No or poor data or wifi = no access to your business. An ...

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My Store Is Not Converting. Why?

The answer is often, “there are too many unknown variables* at least that is my typical answer followed by some suggestions of places to take a closer look at. So what exactly are these “unknown variables” that would help us understand what may be hurting your conversions? Let’s take a look at all things OPTIMIZATION.

When I say too many unknowns, I really mean that! For sake of starting somewhere, we are going to start with a product you are selling. Does this product have a history of sales? Whether a competitor sells it, you seen it sell on market sites like Amazon or Ebay?

And just an FYI, not everything is as it seems from the outside looking in unless you have sophisticated tools to help you do your research. If the product has proven sales, you’re likely in the clear as competition is generally a good sign…

But ladies and gents, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but just because you have a proven product listed on your site, does not mean it will sell.

There is such thing a BRAND LOYALTY. Often electronics tend to fall into this category as phones, laptops, tv’s etc tend to have major brand loyalist. ...

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Traditional E-Commerce Store vs Dropshipping

A lot of people ask me, what should I start off with? A Dropship store or a traditional e-commerce store? Which one is better? Which is better to start out with and why? This makes for a great discussion! As some of you may know, I’ve been into the ecommerce world since 2013.


Now I know that’s not very long in comparison to some others I know of, but a lot can be experienced within a few years. Both good and bad. But that’s how I learned, through pure experience of trial and error. So without further delay lets get to this juicy e-com discussion.


So my first venture was a traditional e-commerce store. Was it a smart idea looking back? Probably not for someone who had no experience besides seeing some stores while I was working at Godaddy. Do I regret it? Nope. Not at all and here is why.


1. Starting up a traditional ecommerce store forced me to be able to hunt down manufacturers right away. During that hunt, I also learned how to negotiate pricing and order size. As a new guy without much capital at all, my hand was forced to buy in bulk, but at a smaller quantity than what most manufacturers wanted ...

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Whats the most common trait you find in successful people?

This is question or variants of it are commonly asked and I always have an answer for it. The most common trait is that the successful people are willing to

TEST and have no fear of failure.

I cannot emphasize how important this trait is. It may be a reason why the losers of your past and the guys and gals you would deem “not normal” are often times successful. Because they like to TEST new things and adventure into places where others would dare not go.

Now obviously this can also be a bad thing given a scenario where that involves substance abuse or non forgiveable crimes. But lets look at the positive side of this, many of the greats in history are stand out ladies and fellas. They went against the norm for what they believed in or what was thought possible. They TESTED relentlessly to achieve their dreams.


Now, this is not to say “normal” people cannot go down this route and be fearless with testing. But just like science you have to view even the failures in testing as DATA. Without data, chances of reaching the desired result are minimal. That is why we hypothesize, test, record results, change what needs to be cha ...

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Facebook CPM Fluctuating

Why does my CPM fluctuate so much?

Your ad performance is affected by a number of factors in my opinion:

1. Bid 2. Target audience 3. Competition 4. Engagement 5. Ad performance history

Here’s what FB has to say about it: “Marketplace conditions are determined by what actions users are taking on the platform and what content they engage with at any given time. For this reason, a campaign that had a cost per action at one time can have another depending on the users engagement, the time of the day or period of the year and mainly in regards how competitive is your audience, as other competitors can be targeting it too.”

I believe the biggest factor for changing your results quickly and the only option which you have some level of control over is point 4. You can DRAMATICALLY change your CPM and results if you know how to effectively capture the attention and interest with your Engagement Offer (Ad creative & offer).

If you start with a great Engagement Offer will result in much higher engagement, and therefor change the marketplace conditions, thus winning you more auctions, even when the competition are bidding much higher ...

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The Three R’s Of Marketing To Oust Your Competition!

Why are you following the herd?

You need to be aware of and understand Contextual Behavioral Remarketing…Are you doing it?

99.9% of marketers don’t know what it even is!!!

A typical ecommerce store doesn’t even get a conversion rate of over 2%….and yes it’s possible to increase your conversion from cold traffic by maybe another 2-4% assuming you know what you’re doing.

Marketers get fixated on traffic, driving more cold traffic, and never see what they’re missing out on. Yes, you need traffic, but you’re missing a huge opportunity to convert the easiest and quickest sales.

If I told you that with Contextual Behavioral Remarketing you could recover 10-20% of your cart/checkout visitors, and convert another 10-20% of prospects from specific direct response offers, would you believe me?

It’s a reality and only a handful of the savvy, top marketers are doing this! 30-40% of their entire business revenue is coming through Contextual Behavioral Remarketing.

So what does this really look like? I can’t share it with you here fully, as it’s a very complex strategy, but it ha ...

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