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June 03, 2018 3 min read

This is question or variants of it are commonly asked and I always have an answer for it. The most common trait is that the successful people are willing to



I cannot emphasize how important this trait is. It may be a reason why the losers of your past and the guys and gals you would deem “not normal” are often times successful. Because they like to TEST new things and adventure into places where others would dare not go.


Now obviously this can also be a bad thing given a scenario where that involves substance abuse or non forgiveable crimes. But lets look at the positive side of this, many of the greats in history are stand out ladies and fellas. They went against the norm for what they believed in or what was thought possible. They TESTED relentlessly to achieve their dreams.


Now, this is not to say “normal” people cannot go down this route and be fearless with testing. But just like science you have to view even the failures in testing as DATA. Without data, chances of reaching the desired result are minimal. That is why we hypothesize, test, record results, change what needs to be changed based off the data we aquired and…. TEST again!



So whats the lesson of the day folks? TEST and TEST some more. If you ain’t willing to do this, then you wont achieve anything great for yourself or others. You know as they say “there is no progress in your comfort zone” you have to get out and test and not be afraid of failure.


Let me ease the concern of failure with the Law of Large Numbers. And you’re probably thinking what in the world that is and what do numbers (ewww math) have anything to do with failure?



Well according to the law of large numbers the more times a specific action occurs the more likely the expected or desired end result will be achieved. Let’s use a basketball player as an example.


Who has heard of Lebron James? Well whether you have heard of him or not, what makes him great is he practices, and practices some more. Lebron didn’t learn how to play basketball overnight, he worked towards​ becoming great through repetition.


Think of how many shots at the hoop he has made over his entire life. Hundreds of thousands if not in the millions. So what does this mean to you?

The more times you attempt, the more likely you will make the desired shot in the hoop. Just like flipping a coin, lets say you flip it only 10 times. Now out of those 10 times 8 could have landed as heads and only two as tails.


We didn’t flip it very many times so this is quite a reasonable result. Now lets say we flip it 1000 times. Chances of the coin flips being closer to 50/50 results are much more likely and EXPECTED. Make sense?


Im not saying you have to test something 1000+ times but what I am saying is the more you TEST the more likely you will reach success. Everyone is literally either a few skills, a product, or idea away from making 7 figures. That’s all it takes from a high overview.



As ridiculous as this is, I once saw on Instagram, a picture post that stated POOR is an acronym for “Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly” as harsh as that sounds, there is plenty of truth to it. And POOR does not just equate to money, it can be your standard of life that is poor.


So dont be that guy or gal. Be one that boldy tests and sees failure as scientific data for the future. I mean c’mon everyone likes a bit of science right? Cheers to your success.


In Summary:


A great saying "Always Be Testing" holds so true to anything in life. Humans would not have got to where we are today without testing. All of our scientific achievements would not have occurred without testing. Even if Aliens for sure exist and if they've meddled in human affairs, still TESTING is involved! haha I'm sure you get my extreme point but testing is what makes us go further and you will need to apply this to your business and personal life! It's a trait and hobby all in one!

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