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June 03, 2018 7 min read

There’s an ongoing debate between Shopify vs Clickfunnels and you’re invited to the party! So which one is better and why? As an avid current user of both platforms I feel the need to write out my thoughts on each extensively.


Lets talk about clickfunnels first. Clickfunnels is a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) platform. But its so much more than that, its a cult! At least from the outside in, it appears that way and sometimes I even question it. I wasn’t really being serious but people who use clickfunnels tend to worship their leader and creator Russell Brunson and have an almost overwhelming positive attitude. Which is actually pretty badass to be around. This is clearly evident if you go to funnel hacking live or even pop into the facebook group.


But enough about the fluff. I’m cut throat and want to get to the details. I use clickfunnels for a few different reasons.


1. When I want to sell a single product or a very small line of products (5 maximum) aka a dedicated sales funnel with the exception that I have made an entire store on clickfunnels (very time consuming).

2. When I want to sell a digital product. There is no reason not to use clickfunnels for this purpose. If you have any remote interest in selling info products then you pretty much need to be using Clickfunnels. No if’s or buts about it, it’s hands down the software to use!

3. When I want to sell a hybrid of both physical and digital products including subscriptions for either or!

4. When I run a landing/squeeze page to qualify potential customers and get leads on my email lists for ecom or info marketing.

5. Cause I can run split tests all on the same exact URL to further optimize my funnels!

6. Cause I can create a completely different experience for mobile or desktop users specifically!


Coming from a Shopify user first, I wasn’t a Clickfunnels believer initially. I was skeptical, but you don’t know what you don’t know and after giving it a whirl for one of my best selling products I became a believer…INSTANTLY! See now why people think it may be a cult?

The conversions are significantly better, the amount of customization of product pricing/bundles on the front end lead to higher Average Order Values and the ability to one click upsell allows you to even further raise Average Order Value!


But wow, I’m not even done yet. Also the post purchase upsells/downsells are a prime opportunity to sell memberships or continuity programs aka subscriptions. That clearly raises the customer lifetime value!

But why are the conversions better? Clickfunnels is easily customizable and comes out of the box with great converting templates to work with. Just drop, drag, and change up images and text! I also think having the ability to have multiple Call To Action (CTA) buttons helps a ton too. Combine with some timers for sense of urgency and you’re golden if you have a great product.


Lets not forget about the checkout process too. You can easily eliminate all unnecessary fields. The more fields = the more work for visitors = less conversions.


So by cutting the crap, you are boosting your conversions. You can even do a two step form making it easier for the customer if you are selling a physical product. Likewise if doing a digital product, you can remove shipping fields because nothing needs to be shipped!



On top of all of this, its easy as ever to integrate different software with clickfunnels especially email. Setup your email sequences to the leads you are capturing



Course functionality isnt bad. It does its job by having a simple WYSIWYG interface as well as the ability to restrict access to different purchases. Emails with a registration link for purchasers to create the username and password is created automatically. The bad part is, you just gotta make sure that customer registers with the email you purchased. But other than that the automation is good.



As for fulfillment of physical products, this is where Clickfunnels falls a little short. If you’re only using clickfunnels its old school CSV style to export customer orders.  While not a bad thing, the backend functionality simply does not even compare to Shopify…


However thanks to technology you can combine both to sell on clickfunnels and fulfill on shopify! I go over this in my completely free program called Funnel State University.



The glorious thing about clickfunnels is that it can be used for any industry. I’m not kidding at all! Clickfunnels tells us to abandon websites entirely. While I’m not sure I entirely agree with that considering i’m writing on a blog using shopify and I have a need for many physical products to be sold.


I do believe most businesses should be using clickfunnels for at the very least, capturing leads. This includes brick and mortar stores! Dentist practices, catering, photographers, restaurants, auto shops, gyms, and anything you can think of!


On the flipside though, for ranking on the search engines like google, it's terrible at best. Clickfunnels was just not designed to be SEO friendly. Perhaps this doesn't matter to some of you who do all paid advertising but if you like free organic traffic it's a struggle to rank well with a CF made site.




Now lets move onto why I love Shopify!


Shopify feels like that first love of your life and it was mine. Out of the box Shopify comes with distinct plans to fit your needs. I would say it depends on the income you expect your store to make to reduce CC fees.


Beyond the super reasonable and affordable payment plans, its a solid platform with great uptime! Never had any issues with my site crashing outside of one incident back in October 2016 where there was a worldwide DOS attack and major servers.


Considering some major celebrities trust and use Shopify for their stores, your store is definitely in good hands when it comes to a massive wave of traffic.



Speaking of waves, do you know what site can cause a massive wave of traffic notorious for causing sites to crash? Reddit ( the self proclaimed front page of the internet ) crashed my site when I used to use wordpress + Woocommerce for my store. Never again! That’s lost sales there!



But the real reason I love Shopify is cause just like clickfunnels, its incredibly easy to use. It’s without a doubt noob friendly which is probably why everyone and their mamas are on Shopify right now.


Its not drop and drag but the free themes and paid themes you can grab out there are at least “okay” for conversions.


Actually pretty abysmal compared to Clickfunnels… AFTER it's optimized (yes shopify will generally convert better until you do tons of split testing on CF)



As I mentioned before, the dashboard and backend of shopify is fantastic though! Not to mention it comes with a free app for your phone that has the notorious cha-ching sound everytime you make a sale! (It never gets old)



Its easy to have multiple products and collections/categories that you find in most standard e-commerce stores. So the whole process of adding products is a BREEZE compared to Clickfunnels. However, you don’t want to cause what I call “Buyer Paralysis” which is the equivalent of you walking into a mega retail store with no idea where to start.


Just like Clickfunnels, Shopify also comes loaded with an SSL for your site which is an absolute must for your protection and ultimately your customer’s safety. Shopify also makes one tap integration with many other companies possible. Sales channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Messenger, Amazon, Ebay and even Buzzfeed among many others are all available to you!



Speaking of integrations though, you can easily find yourself in a warp of grabbing too many shopify apps whether they are listed on the shopify app store or 3rd party. Many features that you may want for your Shopify store are through apps. Therefore your costs will actually go up quite a bit from just having your plan.



While some themes may cut down on the expense by having the features that many apps have, you’re still looking at an extra 5-10 apps typically for your store. This will put you at least into the range of the same price the basic Clickfunnels package begins at.



To even have the one click post purchase upsells that clickfunnels has, you’ll need a 3rd party app that costs more than the full suite of clickfunnels. Talk about the price adding up right!?


Shopify is a public traded company and has a bright future. Ill be using them for ages to come at least for order processing power and as an organic traffic storefront always. They definitely aren't leaving the market any time soon.


If you had to ask me what I would choose between the two.





Clickfunnels is a far superior tool/software to optimize for sales. While it does take more work to get up and running, the work pays off BIG TIME!


You can truly tell it was built by a marketer for marketers. I wouldn't even think about trying to sell digital products on shopify ever!


Physical products? As I said earlier it's actually hard to beat Shopify initially for conversions. But once you split test and optimize your funnel it will blow away your previous results with Shopify. 


Having that ability to split test while also creating separate pages for desktop and mobile all on the same exact URL is extremely powerful. Just one word can make a difference so why not let the data speak?


 Shopify is a public traded company and has a bright future. Ill be using them for ages to come at least for order processing power and as an organic traffic storefront always. They definitely aren't leaving the market any time soon.

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