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June 03, 2018 5 min read

The first side of affiliate marketing is when YOU are the affiliate. This means you are going out and promoting somebody else’s product. That product can be digital, physical, or even a service.


The second side of affiliate marketing is when you’re getting others to promote YOUR products for you. Think of it as having your own sales team that works purely on commission only. If you know my story you know that I drove traffic to my ecom stores with affiliates.


But to be super CLEAR.


Affiliate Marketing is a system whereby the affiliate marketer receives commission for referring someone through a unique url link to the website owned by the advertiser, the affiliate marketer promotes specific products or services or even multiple brands on his or her social media platforms, websites or blogs in order to receive some percentage of referring the customer.

Affiliate marketing is extremely popular among bloggers and vloggers to make money. (sounds like that might be what I’m doing right now…) It is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme (unless you already have a ton of experience), so it requires  smart work and CONSISTENCY.


Now if you want to become a Affiliate Marketer yourself you have to understand a few concepts.


  1. The money is in the list. Yup I hope you’ve heard this phrase but if you haven’t it holds 100% true. While you don’t necessarily need your own list to get started, I highly suggest you start building your own list immediately.
  2. Which leads me to my next point, you will ALWAYS want to have a bridge page that links between your audience and the offer. This way you can collect leads before redirecting to the offer. But there’s more to this…
  3. You always need to offer a BONUS or an incentive. Just like any business, you have to have a unique selling proposition. Why should I buy from you? Oh… because you’re going to give me extra value!  This can be in the form of physical or digital products or even a discount. Technically speaking INFLUENCERS who work with big brands are affiliate marketers.

To best understand these concepts in one… well I have one right here that you can see.



Check it out here << A whole video course + DONE-FOR-YOU Funnel that rakes me in 3,880/mo With Pre Built Email Automations that you can import into your account and give to others do the exact same as me.

That is a pretty strong and bold call to action and a prime example of leading with VALUE first.

Leading with value as an affiliate marketer will make you stand out above the rest. Then add in your personality even if you don’t to be “personal”.


What do I mean by that? Well you don’t actually have to display your real name if you don’t want to.

You can simply rally behind a great domain name, or even a pen name.


Totally up to you. And my plug and play funnel course ^ allows you to use me as the instructor instead of yourself. So if you’re one of those that prefer to keep your identity secret. That’s perfectly fine. However, if you want to come across as more personal then more power to you!

But let’s keep the conversation going!

So just like E-commerce there are different types of products and different niches for affiliate marketing. There are both high ticket and low ticket offers and even ones that offer recurring commissions.

But what are my favorite types of offers?

I personally like promoting in the following niches

  • Make Money
  • Tools that help with Automation
  • Fitness
  • Health/Beauty Products
  • Courses

Now that means you’ll want to build separate lists for those different niches. As you don’t want to mix them up in one unless you’re an absolute PRO at segmenting. (I don’t even do this because it gets too complicated)

Notably most of the niches I listed are evergreen. That means in those particular niches, people will always be coming in to better their lives somehow.

But my favorite type of offers regardless of the niche, are products in which the seller is offering 100% commissions with immediate payout. Say what???!!!


Yup it sounds too good to be true right? But they exist and here’s an explanation of why and how it works.


  1. Seller offers front end product for a low price… with 100% commission paid to the affiliate immediately.
  2. The customer that pays for that front end product goes into what we a call a one click post purchase upsell sequence.
  3. This customer can make choices whether he/she wants to add additional offers without entering their card details again. But the seller knows the likelihood that the customer who purchases the front end product will likely purchase one or a few post purchase upsells! This seller may give less commission for these post purchase sales. They still profit making it a win win situation for both the affiliate and seller.


A lot of big companies understand this especially large subscription boxes. They will acquire a customer at a loss even because they know the Lifetime Value of the customer… Then when month number 2 comes around they start profiting.

This is the EXACT same concept and mindset that these sellers have.

But this isn’t the only type of scenario believe it or not…


I’ve been around affiliate game long enough to know that some of these sellers like to offer what we call “RESELL RIGHTS” or a “Reseller License” allowing me to sell the product as if it’s my own…

But wait… It actually gets better. Not only do I not have to create my own product or even brand it differently, I also don’t have to handle the customer support, maintenance, hosting, or any overhead costs at all! And I’m getting literally 100% of the commission throughout the ENTIRE funnel because I purchased a reseller license for the product. 


That my friends are the best type of offers to build your list fast. Find one that converts for you and you can then go onto building your list either for free or profitably! And best of all you can go out there and find as many as you want.


Not to mention since you’re building a list, this can be used for facebook custom audiences and lookalikes based of this audience at anytime. You now have an effective list to advertise to at any time. It’s your list, you own it and let’s say you want to create your own product later down the road… Now you can hit up your list and have buyers as soon as you launch!


Some advanced marketers are doing this for building intelligence first before creating an ecom product.


See why I say the money is in the list?


So go out there and get started with Affiliate Marketing Today. Nothing can stop you from going All The Way Up!

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